The Mental Health of Young People At Work


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What Can Be Done To Help Young People?

Financial insecurities are a major contributor to young people’s stress, but in addition to improved salaries there are some ways employers can step in to alleviate this burden.

  • Permanent contracts over zero-hours for those who want them
  • Sufficient sick pay to take time off when they need it
  • Paying salaries above national minimum wage.

These changes are a good place to start, although an extra benefit to provide young workers is a place on a Group Income Protection policy, which is designed to provide workers with a longer-term income if they can’t work due to illness or injury. These policies will also typically include additional benefits such as employee assistance programs (EAPs), which provide a raft of benefits to employees like counselling helplines and back-to-work support services to help workers get back to work if they’re ill.

Another common stressor for young people is their work and working environment. When asked why they were unhappy in their jobs, 70% said a lack of opportunity for progression was the reason, while 40% said it was down to a lack of recognition.

Employers can take simple steps to improve young people’s happiness in the workplace by addressing these issues. When asked what benefits young people would like to see, the top answer was those that provide education and training and those that promote health and wellbeing. Overall, young people are looking for appropriate support from their employers and evidence that they are a valued member of a business. When young people feel fulfilled by their job and have their finances in order, their mental health is likely to show great improvement.

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