The Dark Side of Presenteeism


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How Employers Can Tackle the Problem

When it comes to comes to dissuading presenteeism, there are some measures that have been found to be effective.

Pushing employees who aren’t feeling their best to commute and work as normal may aggravate their mental or physical condition. Instead, consider allowing them to work from home or utilise flexible work hours to give them the opportunity to work at their own pace and avoid overexerting themselves.

Above all, if an employee is too ill to work they should feel comfortable taking sick leave.

While Income Protection won’t have much effect if an employee tries to power through a cold, it can give employees some peace of mind if they develop a serious injury or illness. Many UK workers have been known to struggle into work with broken bones or serious physical or mental illnesses because they cannot afford to take time off work, which can severely delay their rate of recovery and hinder productivity.

With benefits to rely on while they are recovering, employees aren’t forced back to work before they are ready. Many Income Protection providers are will also pay out reduced benefits if employees return to work on a temporary part-time basis while they aren’t fully recovered.

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