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Right now, the Senate is debating whether to hold a final vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. According to CNN, Senator Collins will deliver a speech at 3 p.m. to announce her decision on his nomination.

This is our last opportunity to remind Senator Collins of what’s at stake: the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, coverage for pre-existing conditions and essential health benefits, and reproductive freedom.

Both the Bangor Daily News and the Portland Press Herald oppose Judge Kavanaugh. Protect Our Care lays out clearly why Judge Kavanaugh cannot be trusted with our access to health care.

Please, email Senator Collins and urge her to vote NO. Or contact her by telephone:

  • (202) 224-2523 (Washington)
  • (207) 622-8414 (Augusta)
  • (207) 945-0417 (Bangor)
  • (207) 283-1101 (Biddeford)
  • (207) 493-7873 (Caribou)
  • (207) 784-6969 (Lewiston)
  • (207) 780-3575 (Portland)On Twitter: @SenSusanCollins. Or on Facebook: Susan Collins Sincerely,

Julia M. Underwood
Associate Director
Consumers for Affordable Health Care
[email protected]