Smoking Vs Vaping


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The Health Differences

When it comes to the long-term health effects of smoking and vaping, it is a bit difficult to make an accurate comparison. This is because the scientific world has collected decades data about the negative, long-term effects of smoking, but vaping is only a recent trend that has taken off. This means that we have yet to see what the long-term effects are.

Two of the main and most harmful toxins that are produced by cigarettes, carbon monoxide and tar, are not found in e-cigarettes. But, like cigarettes, vaping liquids contain certain chemicals that when consumed in large quantities, have been known to cause health problems. One now banned ingredient, diacetyl, for example, has been known to cause a condition called Popcorn Lung.

However, while e-cigarettes do still contain some potentially harmful chemicals similar to those that are found in cigarettes, they are found be present in far lower levels. With fewer toxic carcinogens, vapour from an e-cigarette is also safer than cigarette smoke for those who inhale it second-hand.

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