Small Business Insurance Costs


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Business insurance is not just an extra expense that can be done without. It is an essential part of running a business and should not be overlooked or left until later. Just like with life insurance and car insurance, you do not want to be caught without it when you need it the most, because by that time it will be too late.


Why is small business insurance necessary?

It is very important to insure your small business simply so that you are covered for any eventuality. There are many different types of insurance that will cover you for a range of different things depending on which type you decide to go for. Some of the different types of insurance and what they usually cover are listed below:


  • Business property insurance

This form of small business insurance simply protects your assets from harm or loss. This may mean protection for your buildings, machinery, equipment, stock, computers, tables, chairs and anything else owned by your business from theft, fire, damage and many other possible incidents. You may also be covered for natural disasters like floods and earthquakes and you could also be covered for loss of income.

This form of insurance will generally provide cover for third parties for personal and advertising injury, fire legal liability, products and completed operations, medical expenses and medical payments, general liability of your premises and property and any damage control plans.

  • Workers compensation insurance

This form of insurance will protect any employees’ compensation. If your small business has employees, workers compensation insurance is mandatory.

Other forms of insurance that your small business may benefit from or require include vehicle insurance on any company owned vehicles and health or medical insurance for your staff.


Who will insure your small business?

There are many different insurance companies that may insure your small business. It is very important to shop around for different quotes. Some of the companies that you could look into include Outsurance, First for Women and Multiprof.


Small business insurance costs

Obviously, each insurance plan differs in what exactly it covers, depending on the insurance company you choose to go with, and the type of cover that you choose. The more cover you require, the more expensive your monthly premiums are likely to be. Because costs differ so greatly from company to company and from scheme to scheme, it is a very good idea to shop around for different quotes from different companies.

The amount you may be charged for insurance may also differ depending on the level of risk you present. If your company handles dangerous substances or is involved in potentially dangerous work, your premiums are likely to be higher. There are many other factors influencing the rate you will be charged for small business insurance including the age of the business and the line of work you are involved in. After the business has developed a track record and has been around for some time, you may find that you can get insurance for a lower price either with the same insurance company you are with now or through a different company.

If you do decide to do the smart thing and insure your small business, you will have peace of mind that all your hard work and all the time and money that you have poured into the business will not go to waste should something happen.

You are unlikely to regret insuring your small business and you will probably be very thankful that you had the sense to do it when you did. You should not wait until you are earning a good profit to ensure your business, you should make sure that you and your small business are covered from the very beginning. This way, you and your assets are always protected no matter what.

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