Senate race heating up as Cruz makes Dallas campaign stop


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U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, American politician and attorney who serves as a Republican Texas Senator, celebrates the Texas consertative values at a rally with Missy Shorey (right) Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman. (Rachel Hawkins/ NDG)

By: Rachel Hawkins NDG Staff Writer

North Texas Republicans, conservative activists and interested independents gathered together outside at Ferris Wheelers Backyard BBQ on a hot Saturday afternoon on July 28. As the air was filled with music, BBQ, and laugher, the blazing Texas heat set temperatures to 104, they gathered to hear U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz share his vision and celebrate conservative values on freedom, prosperity, and security as he runs for re-election this fall.

“The scripture tells us the minds of the wise inclines to the right and the hearts of the fools to the left,” Cruz said. “We have a new Supreme Court nominee. In the first couple of weeks, the media has had two hits on him. Number one they came out with the killer acquisition that he likes beer, and then they doubled down and said he likes baseball too.”

The crowd exploded in cheers as Cruz stated these are “remarkable times we are in,” and “times are changing.”

“The reason all of us come out on a blistering summer day is because what we have here in Texas is special,” Cruz said. “The freedom we have here in Texas, the jobs we have in Texas, the opportunity we have here in Texas, there ain’t no place on the face of the planet like the Lone Star state.”

“The reality is that Texas is a conservative and Republican place,” Missy Shorey, Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman said. “The biggest problem we have is complacency. We had an awesome turnout in the middle of the blazing day for Senator Ted Cruz,” Shorey stated.

Cruz told the crowd America entered 2017 with a Republican president and Republican majorities in both houses, there were four big priories to deliver: tax cuts, regulatory reforms, Obamacare, and judges.

“As we look back a year-and-a-half into it, it wasn’t clear if we were to deliver on any of those,” Cruz said. “But we stand here a year-and-a-half in with remarkable successes on all four. In December we passed the biggest tax cut of the generation, lowering taxes on small businesses, farmers, ranchers, and working families all across Texas.”

It was also discussed on how the party has seen cabinet agency after cabinet pulling back job-killing regulations.  The party claimed because of this, the result of Texas economy is now booming, and it has led to more jobs, higher wages, and more opportunities.

“The third big priority is Obamacare,” Cruz said. “Clearly the biggest unfinished commitment. But even that it’s worth noting, we did come together and repeal the Obamacare individual mandate. I was proud to lead the fight, and nobody thought we could get it done, and we brought Republicans together, and we delivered on that promise, and now we need to finish the job.”

Cruz said they have principled constitutionalists up and down the federal bench.

“For every one of us who loves freedom, values the bill of rights, religious liberty, and freedom of free speech, the Second Amendment the right to keep and bear arms, and who values the Tenth Amendment,” Cruz said. “We’ve got an incredible record on delivering on our promises.”

The Fall Election

Cruz warned supporters this election is going to be a fight as he faces a tough challenge from U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

“As every one of us has noticed, the hard left is angry,” Cruz said. “They’re energized, and they hate the President. They are going to show up in massive numbers in November.”

However, the GOP believe the good news is that in Texas there are more conservatives than liberals. Cruz pointed out anger is a powerful tool, and liberals are counting on their base to show up.

Therefore it is crucial for conservatives not to fail to show up. Election Day less than 100 days away, leading Cruz to remind everyone they have one job between now and Nov. 6, “turn out, turn out, turn out.”

Typically in a general election, according to Cruz, a Democrat would at least pretend to run in the middle.

“Well I’ll give them credit, my opponent Beto is not doing that,” Cruz said. “He is running hard, hard left. He has promised to raise your taxes, and repeal the taxes. On regulations, he wants to go back to the Obama era of job-killing regulations that hammer the state of Texas. On Obamacare, he wants to expand it to full-on socialized medicine and put the government in charge of your healthcare.

“On guns, he tweeted out to the world how proud he is that he has an F rating from the NRA, so I retweeted him and said great, elections are about choices, if you want a big government gun-grabbing liberal then the Democrats are giving you one.”

Cruz said this does not reflect Texas values, and that’s not “who we are.” As Cruz listed more ideas supported by his opponent, the crowd booed.

“On immigration, he supports sanctuary cities, opens borders, and he said he is open to abolishing ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement),” Cruz said. “If I had came out there a month ago and said that my Democrat opponent is open to abolishing ICE, the media would’ve gone nuts and say that’s a crazy attack, and an infringe theory, and nobody would support something like that.  Fast forward to today, a week ago in the Senate we introduce a resolution in the house to stand with the men and women of ICE and law enforcement who risks their lives fighting drug dealers, MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), and murders.”

Republicans have not given up on reaching out to minority voters

For minority voters, Shorey has a few simple questions.

“It’s real simple, is your life better? Is your economy better? Do you have more opportunities and do your kids have more opportunities?” Shorey said. “Are things looking up, do you have more access to the American dream? If the answer is yes, which it is, then this is what’s showing it. When you choose Republicans to work for you, you’re getting real results, you’re getting an economy that performs and you’re getting someone that respects you and your capability to right to opportunity.”

The Dallas GOP is making a serious effort to reach minority voters according to Shorey.

“I’m the first woman to take on the role as Dallas County Republican Chair. The Republican Party is a party that values the individual and their capabilities to make contributions by judging people by their character and not by the color of their skin.

“The most active committee on our party is the Minority Engagement Committee. We are in communities that people have not seen us in because we are here to talk about our values, to make friends, build relationships, unite the city, and ensure we give people to pursue what their vision of the American dream is,” Shorey stated.