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I bet you’re looking for some fun ideas to do when a rainy day strikes.

Good thing is there are lots of rainy day activities that can make this gloomy scene a fun and memorable one. However, when it’s wet outside, it can be extremely dangerous for you, speaking health-wise. Worry no more as we are here to give you fun ideas for rainy days while lowering your risk of catching cold and flu.

Before we get to the fun part, pay attention to these rainy health tips first.

Bring extra clothing and life-saving towel.
We can be easily get soaked on a rainy day. And walking around in wet clothes is like inviting all the viruses outside to enter your body. Therefore, it is safest to bring extra clothes and emergency towels to keep you dry.

Always wash your hands.
We know this is a basic precaution, however, most people tend to ignore it. As bacteria and viruses become pro-active during rainy days, washing your hands is the best technique to avoid contact with these microscopic villains. Also carry a hand sanitizer with you for added protection.

Don’t forget your rain-repulsive gears.
You can wear a raincoat and rain boots when there’s a heavy rainfall. Moreover, bringing an umbrella and wearing closed shoes are important to avoid chances of any infection and disease catching you by surprise.

Now, here are numerous Rainy Day Activities to add on your list:

• Drop by art galleries and museums.
• Go shopping!
• Visit your local movie theaters.
• Explore your city’s libraries.
• Relax at your favorite local coffeeshop.
• Pamper yourself in a spa.
• How about bowling?
• Visit your local skating rink too.
• Go bar hopping.
• Try taking creative rainy photos outside!

Don’t forget to have yourself backed up in case you get sick.

Even if you follow all the advised safety guides for rainy day activities, sickness can still strike instantly. It’s important that you are physically, mentally and financially ready when this happens.

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