NDG Columnist A.D. Jenkins: Congratulations to all graduates


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A.D. Jenkins

By: A.D. Jenkins, NDG Columnist

I would like to take a moment and say “Congratulations” to all the young men and women who recently graduated from high school. As a school board trustee, I have the honor of sitting on stage and shaking hands with students as they received their diploma. I have the opportunity to witness the faces of parents, relatives, and friends with a look of pride, fulfillment, and completion. We can all agree that it takes the efforts of many to get each student from the first day of school to their commencement ceremony. Furthermore, I want to say thank you to some well-deserved participants in this educational process.

Congrats to the students who have completed the state educational requirements.

Congrats to the parents for providing life and pursuit of happiness.

Congrats to the underpaid teachers who have educated all the students.

Congrats to every principal for directing and leading on every campus.

Congrats to the administrative staff for accountability and stability.

Congrats to the bus drivers for safe driving in all weather conditions.

Congrats to the relatives and friends for encouraging the students to stay the course.

Congrats to those who tutored or mentored students.

Congrats to the janitorial team for spotless classrooms and hallways.

Congrats to the security staff in place at all schools.

Congrats to the crossguards for safe walking across the streets.

Congrats to the cafeteria personnel for preparing and serving healthy meals.

Congrats to all booster club members for volunteering for extra-curricular events.

Congrats to every sports coach who inspired, encouraged and never gave up.

Congrats to the school counselors who provided career advice.

Congrats to the churches for sound spiritual guidance.

As you can tell, it takes a village to raise each student. I sincerely believe that no one person can do it alone; therefore, everyone involved should be acknowledged for playing a role. The story does not end here for the graduates because they are merely turning the page to begin another chapter in life. Graduation is a time to reflect, give thanks and celebrate. A time of completion is at hand with the presence of mind to set new goals which require more work, education, and focus.

Graduates remember that everything is hard before it gets easy.

A.D. Jenkins serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Irving Independent School District. The views and opinions expressed herein of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Irving ISD, its Board of Trustees or its employees.