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There is a certain sense of pageantry and showmanship at the State Fair auto show, and Hank the Robot helps Ford Motor Company to emphasize the tech side of the industry. (Photo: David Wilfong / NDG)

Well, it has been a rainy few days in Dallas, but the State Fair of Texas still has plenty of corny dogs, turkey legs and fried Snickers for you to enjoy plus much more. Also, the rides and exhibits are too many to list here. NDG readers have a final opportunity to win tickets to use before the State Fair closes this Sunday. Visit our Facebook page and tell us why you want to go to the State Fair this year. Please note, you have to be able to pick up your tickets (for two) at our office located at Stemmons and Regal Row during business hours, more details below.

Auto Show

FCA executive Maryann Capo, introduces the Pacifica Hybrid, an SUV which can get up to an 82 mpg equivalency with a 30-mile all-electric range. (Photo: David Wilfong / NDG)

The State Fair of Texas is underway, and since 1913 one of the biggest draws is the Texas Auto Show. Manufacturers from all over the world descend on Dallas for the event as the Texas market is pivotal for the product.

While Marcus Umlauff, Toyota’s general manager of product planning and strategy, did take a moment to highlight the Corolla’s being named “Compact Car of the Year” at the Texas Auto Roundup; trucks and SUVs are the stars of the show at the State Fair of Texas. Read more here.

Thomas Jefferson Exhibit 

American history, especially African American history, is an intriguing yet contradictory concept. The ugly story of slavery is well known, but much more remains for discovery, and Dallas is one of the first to provide a renewal examination.

Slavery at Jefferson’s Monticello: Paradox of Liberty is a groundbreaking traveling exhibit on display at the African American Museum in Fair Park from Sept. 22 until Dec. 31. The widely acclaimed exhibition chose Dallas as the first stop.

Over 300 objects of works of art, documents, and artifacts excavated from the plantation will be on display at the museum. There will also be a unique feature on Sally Hemings, famously known as Thomas Jefferson’s slave and mother of six of his children. There is extensive debate over their controversial relationship with Jefferson.

Read more here.

Key info for if selected a winner of 2 free tickets

If selected to win one of our NINE pairs of tickets, you will have to come to NDG’s offices located at Stemmons and Regal Row. Your options will be:

  • Tuesday 1:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Wednesday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Thursday 10 a.m. – Noon

If selected as a winner you will receive the address of our office, please let us know when you want to pick up your tickets. If you do not respond to your winner’s email within 12 hours, we will pass the opportunity to the next contestant because we want to make sure we give away all of the available tickets.