If American Airlines Messed Up by Charging You Bag Fees, You May Get $200


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The new and the old visual design of American Airlines together at Miami International Airport in Miami, Fla., on July 30, 2014. CHUYN/Getty Images

One of the more annoying realities of modern travel is paying to check luggage when you fly.

And one airline is now dealing with a class-action settlement after a lawsuit accused it of overcharging customers to check those bags.

American Airlines charged fees for baggage that should have been checked for free between July 2013 and June 2018, according to the suit.

“American breached its contract with certain customers by charging them to check one or more of their bags, despite promises that they could do so at no additional cost,” the settlement website states.

By settling the case, the airline does not admit to any wrongdoing but does agree to compensate customers.

American Airlines travelers who haven’t already received a refund for incorrectly charged checked baggage may file a claim. The airline will refund all wrongly charged bag fees from the case time frame, plus interest. Depending on what you paid, your refund could range from $18.75 to $200 (plus interest!) per bag.

If American Airlines’ records indicate you’ve been impacted by the glitch, you may receive a letter or email inviting you to submit a claim. Not sure if you deserve a refund? You can file a claim without details about when you flew or what you paid.

To submit a claim, visit the settlement website and submit your form by Oct. 19. You may also submit your claim by mail. Once the settlement is approved in court and claims are verified, refunds will be sent by check or PayPal.

Lisa Rowan is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.

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