Get Health Insurance NOW or Pay the Penalty!


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The Affordable Care Act-
AKA “Obamacare” deadlines have been a moving target as the
law’s many pieces have rolled out. But, the
BIG ONE – the day by which you have to have
insurance or face a
TAX PENALTY – is holding firm…

The deadline is March 31,
With the Affordable Care Act,
YOU need to have health insurance, either through an Employer
Group plan, Individual/Family policy, Medicare or Medicaid. If you are not enrolled in a
Qualified Health Plan, YOU will face a 2014 Tax Penalty of $95 per adult, or 1% of your
yearly household income, whichever is more.

You may not be able to purchase an Individual/Family medical plan after
March 31, 2014 unless you have a Qualifying Life Event. The next Open Enrollment
Period is proposed to be from November 15, 2014 to February 15, 2015, with
coverage being effective January 1, 2015 at the earliest.