Don’t Leave It Too Late to Get Insurance Cover


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Drewberry was unable to help 447 people in 2017 who couldn’t get insurance for medical reasons. Don’t leave getting cover until you’re already ill and it’s too late to get the protection you need.

While Drewberry unfortunately couldn’t find any insurer willing to cover 447 people in 2017 due to their medical history, there were many more for whom we could place risk only after the insurer applied exclusions to certain conditions or increased the premiums significantly (loadings typically range from 25% to 300%).

For Income Protection, common exclusions include for back pain and mental health, as these are pre-existing conditions frequently seen among the population. While a policy with exclusions is better than no protection at all, it does mean that you’re not covered in the most comprehensive manner possible, as a certain condition or conditions will be excluded from future claims.

The ultimate message is that it pays to get insurance while you’re healthy as this will ensure the most comprehensive level of cover. Any delay until after you start suffering from a medical condition will usually impact your policy.

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