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Coffee CAHC
115th Congress, 2nd Session
128th Legislature, adjourned

Good afternoon Coffee CAHC readers! This week we celebrate the 6th Annual Health Care for Maine Conference, held this past Monday at the Augusta Civic Center.

It was a great event, focusing on “The Opportunity of Extraordinary Times”! If you joined us, please take a minute to complete the survey – your opinion really does matter.


Keynote Speaker: Elena Hung, Little Lobbyists
Keynote Address: Elena Hung

We started the day with the extraordinary Elena Hung, co-founder of “Little Lobbyists”, who became an “accidental activist” when her daughter was born with complex medical needs.

Her inspiring remarks set the tone for an discussions about challenges to health care access, opportunities for action, and aspirations for a better health care system for all.

Morning Plenary: State Level Advocacy

Morning Plenary: State Level Advocacy

We heard from advocates at the state level including Hilary Schneider and Janet Miles from American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Dr. Amy Madden from Maine Medical Association, Kathy Stewart from Mainers for Health Care Leadership Team, and Samarali Daniels from Maine Equal Justice Partners Circle. Check out the video (at 27 minutes).

Morning breakout sessions covered systemic issues in health, health care, and health insurance, with a focus on solutions. If you missed a session, presentation slides are available.
Changes to the Marketplace
Building Good Health:
The Foundational Role of
Social Determinants
Diving Deeper into
Children’s Health Issues
MaineCare Today and
a Look Ahead

Congratulations to our Honorary Health Care Heroes Lisa Miller and Karen Heck!

Gordon Smith, Executive Vice President of Maine Medical Association, introduces our Honorary Health Care Heroes Karen Heck and Lisa Miller, retiring at the end of this year from The Bingham Program Lisa Miller (left) served three terms in the Maine House of Representatives championing better health care access, public health, and wellness. Karen Heck has been a strong voice for reproductive freedom and is co-founder of Hardy Girls, Health Women

Afternoon Plenary - Maine Health Access FoundationAfternoon Plenary “Investing and Building Capacity to Foster Health Equity in Maine”
Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) Program Officer Jake Grindle leads a panel discussion on MeHAF’s new initiative to address disparities to health and well-being among communities of color, LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities, and people experiencing homelessness.

Afternoon breakout sessions included a focus on addressing rising prescription drug costs, bringing civility back to policy making, and getting to universal access to health care. If you missed a session, presentation slides are available.

Community Coversations
State Action on Rising
Prescription Drug Prices
Getting to Universal Access


Pictured Left to Right: Elena Hung, Little Lobbyists, Samarali Daniels, MEJP Equal Justice Partners Circle, Kathy Stewart, Mainers for Health Care Leadership Team, and Ann Woloson, Consumers for Affordable Health Care

Senator Saviello (left) and independent health policy consultant Mitchell Stein speak to Getting to Universal Access through more insurance coverage and better coverage within insurance plans.


Representative Doore
Senator Sanborn
Senator Gratwick

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