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You may be holding off…

Getting dental insurance is not something everyone is eager to get. However, dental emergencies and problems are most likely to happen to each and every one of us, and that is certain. It is one thing that’s inevitable since our teeth are delicate and wears off through time. The good thing is that you can achieve affordable dental care that really works for preventive measures and major dental procedures.

We deal with your budget issues. 

Dental problems are just too painful too ignore. When time comes that you experience this, it is either too expensive to see a dentist (it can cost thousands for a specific procedure) or too late to get a dental insurance. Health Plans In Oregon will help you get an affordable dental care which starts at just $20/month. We offer dental insurance that makes trips to the dentist more cost-effective.

What can you get out of dental care plans?

You will get preventive and basic dental care plus benefits that varies by plan. This typically includes regular checkups, cleanings, x- rays, and certain services to promote general dental health. There are also plans that cover major dental works such as crowns, extractions, fillings oral surgery and dental implants. Also, it is best if your chosen dentist is within the network. We offer dental insurance that has a large pool of dentists so you’ll have the most comprehensive list of dentists to choose from.

Get local assistance at no cost.

Health Plans in Oregon has over a decade experience with any individual and family health and dental plans. We are certified agents for the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace. Have a side by side comparison of all the affordable dental care plans available to you and your family. Get more personal tips on how to buy dental insurance and medical plans that are efficient yet affordable. Reach us thru 503-998- 6169 or send an email to [email protected] for all your health care needs.


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