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If you think customer service doesn’t have a big impact on overall sales, think again. A study in 2017 found that companies lose more than $62 billion as a result of poor customer service.

In today’s seemingly ever-expanding marketplace, it’s important you stay ahead of your competition with regard to the customer experience. This means making things easier, more detailed and putting the power in your customers’ hands.

The good news is, technology provides us with a number of ways to achieve improved customer service. It just comes down to discovering which tactics work best for your business.

To help you stay educated, we’re going over seven ways you can use technology to help provide advanced customer services.

1. Consider an Answering Service

Does your business have a high call volume? Are your employees straining to keep up with incoming calls? If your employees are stressed, there’s a good chance your customers aren’t getting the best service possible.

Consider hiring an outside answering service provider to take some of the load off your employees.

There are two primary advantages of an answering service. First, you’ll have dedicated professionals whose main role is to provide the best service possible. Second, you’ll increase your in-house productivity.

There are many services out there that can help you out at reasonable rates. For more information about a great answering service, view here.

2. Mobile Access

We’re living in a mobile world now. Your customers want information and service immediately, wherever they are.

To accommodate this, you need a well-built mobile app that will allow customers to interact with you via smartphones. This will let customers log in to their accounts, communicate with you, make purchases and track orders.

Not only will this provide a higher level of convenience to your customers, but it’s also essential for competing in your industry. It’s likely your competitors are already offering mobile support.

3. Make the Payment Process Easy

When shopping online, an overcomplicated payment process could easily cause a customer to abandon the purchase altogether.

Make sure your site has an efficient, secure, and simple payment process. You should accept ACH along with credit cards and even wire transfers. This gives the customer options.

You should also provide the capability to store customer information for future purchases. Talk to a web developer about implementing this functionality on your site.

If you’re a small operation, like a food truck, there are now easy ways to accept card payments through mobile technology. This is important, as people don’t carry cash as much as they used to.

4. Chatbots

Artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots allows you to provide your customers with a virtual assistant that can help them anytime. This customer service technology fulfills the ever-growing need for immediate service.

A huge benefit of chatbots is they’re able to work via a number of different environments. This includes a mobile app, your website, or through instant messenger.

They’re also able to provide proactive customer interaction, meaning they actually initiate the communication. This increases client engagement. Chatbots can also gather data on each client which can help you provide a more personalized experience.

Like an answering service, this tool will help ease the pressure put on your in-house staff members. It also gives the customer more freedom, allowing them to interact with you whenever they choose.

5. In-House Software

Integrating customer service software into your in-house operation can do great things for the customer experience you provide. This software allows your customer care team to stay on top of client’s needs.

Customer service software can allow you to create client accounts that your reps can access quickly. This will provide them with purchasing history and a client profile. These details make for a more personalized experience your customers will appreciate.

The software can also provide messaging capability and automated email functionality for sending follow-up messages after a sale.

Your in-house reps will be able to easily share client information, work with scheduling features, and streamline the entire support operation. All this helps you provide a seamless experience to the customer.

6. Provide a Self-Service Option

Many consumers prefer to access their own accounts and take care of things themselves. It’s a growing trend and one that can help you increase productivity and retain clients.

Consider implementing a customer portal so your clients can log in and perform tasks themselves. This could include making purchases, editing profile information, and setting up alerts.

Like customer service software, this option allows for a lot of personalization. Customized portals allow customers to manipulate the dashboard features to their liking.

Because you’re putting the control in their hands, your customers will feel a sense of confidence, which helps with overall retention.

7. Detailed FAQs

A great way to streamline the customer support process is to offer extensive FAQs. This way, the customer has a chance to find answers to their questions without needing further assistance.

A great way to generate good FAQ content is to ask your support staff to write down common issues they come across. You can then turn this content into a web page on your site.

Your customers will appreciate the ability to figure out issues without having to spend too much time with back and forth. It also takes a certain amount of workload off your staff.

To effectively utilize it, make sure you’re directing your customers to the FAQ page. Promote the page in chat communications, payment screens, and on your mobile app.

Provide Improved Customer Service with These Tech Tips

Client retention is crucial to the future of your business. Implementing improved customer service tactics will help keep customers happy and will hopefully help bring in new business.

Decide which methods will work best for your company and take steps to providing a more memorable customer experience.

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