Abandoning Ship: Why 48% of SME Workers Are Looking for a New Job


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SME Workers Aren’t Feeling Satisfied in their Jobs

Although the majority of SME workers said they were happy in their current jobs, this left around 1 in 7 people unhappy at work, so we asked them why. Their top five reasons were:

  • Lack of recognition for their efforts (56.7%)
  • Lack of options for career progression / development (55.1%)
  • Lack of general support from managers / coworkers (52%)
  • Being underpaid (51.2%)
  • Lack of a voice (34.7%).

Yet despite most SME workers being happy at work, half of them are still searching for a new job, so we wanted to figure out what is driving this trend.

The most obvious contributing factor seems to be that SME workers are stressed out, with 55% saying they regularly feel stressed.

The top reasons for this are:

  • Money (59%)
  • Work (43.9%)
  • Family responsibilities (33.3%)
  • Mental health (16%)
  • Physical health (13.8%).

With money topping the list of stressors, it’s no surprise that salary was the key thing people take into account in their job search. More than two-thirds of people looking for a new job said that salary was important, followed by:

  • Work hours (59.6%)
  • Location (56.7%)
  • Work environment (43.1%)
  • Potential job satisfaction (31.9%).

Younger people were particularly likely to be thinking of making a move, with nearly 3 in 4 saying they were thinking of switching jobs in the next 12 months compared with only around a quarter of those aged 55-64.

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